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A history and some comments

Like many similar sites, this one was not planned but started out with a problem, In 1995 I wanted to convert my Pine addressbook to Eudora. I found no such resource, so I wrote a Perl script to do so. In order to keep my two address books synchronized, I then wrote a script to do the reverse conversion. I posted them on my Web site. Soon I began receiving requests for other translations. I wrote and posted them. It soon became clear to me that most Web surfers had neither the knowledge or inclination to installl and run Perl on their computers. I did some research and discovered that file upload, which was part of the current HTML standard was supported by Netscape, so stopped posting scripts, and instead made them available as a Web service.

Notes on the code

The code was written in Perl 4, as I was learning Perl. There are some Perl 5 elements in it. If I were to write it now, it would be very different, both because of my experience and because of features now available in Perl 5. Constant maintenace on the code how left some sections very messy. I have no special documentation on the address book formats, I just looked at examples. This does not handle Microsoft formats directly, you have to import or export the files to text before or after converting. To my knowledge, no one has decrypted the MS formats, you have to access them through the API on the machine where the files live ( see Address Magic and Dawn ) -- it cannot be done by a Web service.

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