Interguru's ccMail to Ldif Address Conversion

This page will convert a ccMail addressbook export file the equivalent ldif formatted file.

The ldif format is part of the LDAP standard. Go to the LDAP Section for more information.


Note: Read all instructions before doing anything.

Because the Ldif Address book's rules on what is allowable are much more restrictive than cc:Mail's, certain entries cannot be translated into equivalent Ldif entries. They will be lost and you will have to re-enter them by hand. To get a list of what items will be lost, press the Start Process button, with the Show Problem Entries button selected. If the output from this shows that some items that will be lost, save or print it so you can re-enter them later.

Next select the Process Addresses button and press the Start Process button.

Press the Start Process button.

The output is a Ldif nicknames file. Using the File Menu: Save As, save it with whatever name you want. Give it a ".lidf" extension unless you have a reason to use another naming convention.

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Processing Mode
Show problem Entries Process Addresses

Select the ccmail imput file here:

Note: If no "Browse" button appears above these lines, open the file with a text editor, select the whole file (control-a in Windows or Command-a on a Mac), copy it , then paste it into the box below. Don't worry about the size. If you have a large file, a slow connection or both, it may take a few seconds for the text to appear after you paste it. If you use the translation more than once you have to re-paste.

Paste Here
Start Process!

Technical Notes

If you want a sample ccMail addressbook to test this script on, click here, and save the file as "ccmail.txt"

To avoid overburdening the server, we have limited the file to 120k bytes.

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